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Level Up: Insights to strategic thinking

Tired of mediocrity??? Why do we end up having mediocre leaders? Is it a question of changing leaders or starting the seed of innovation within our culture as a people. Maybe it is time for changing mindsets. Leaders are personalities who come and go, blame them if you must - but can we also do something about our way of thinking. Company culture (or a culture of the community) must also be examined.

National Competitiveness Council Results

Ready yourselves guys! NCC 2015 Results out by Thursday! Received annual invitation today for BNEFIT as member of RCC VI. 2015.

The National Competitiveness Council, through the Regional Competitiveness Committees, launched the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index way back in 2013 with only 285 LGUs who participated. This year, 2015, 1,098 LGUs participated to determine their performance against other cities/municipalities in terms of the 3 Pillars: (1) Economic Dynamism; (2) Government Efficiency; and (3) Infrastructure.

Negros Occidental ICT Talent Development Expo On Going

National information and communications technology (ICT) industry leaders challenged local stakeholders to scale up the quality and relevance of education to develop competent and sufficient talent pool for more ICT-enabled jobs Friday, June 26, at the Negros Occidental ICT Talent Development Expo 2015.

The conference proper held last Friday, June 26, signaled the first day of the exhibitions which will last until June 29, 2015 at The District, Ayala North Point, Talisay City.

Ubiquity to Triple its Cybercentre Space

Ubiquity Global Services, a multinational services organization headquartered in New York, is expanding its presence in Bacolod City, Province of Negros Occidental with the expansion of their operations center at the Negros First CyberCentre.

The company is adding an additional 1,200 square meter space in June and is expected to further expand into a similarly sized space in the same building before the end of the year. The planned expansion will bring the company’s total office space in the CyberCentre to nearly 4,000 square meters.